Our Trek out West….


A few weeks ago, Trey and I headed out West for a week to visit with my parents in Colorado.  And when I say “trek”, I mean it.  Our flights got all messed up and we ended up on 3 different plans going and and 3 different planes coming back.  Those we two long days.  They also made me realized I am getting older.  Don’t you love those kinds of things?  I don’t recover from traveling days nearly as quickly these days as I use to.  Though, I am thankful that our big guys is a great traveler.  Always has been.  🙂

We had a fantastic week with my parents enjoying the weather and breathtaking views, touring a silver mine, taking a boat ride through a canyon, seeing my aunt and uncle, and playing with all of our dog friends.  It wasn’t even about what we did, it was just nice to be with my parents.

I haven’t been great about picture taking lately.  I didn’t even take our camera with us, so the only pics we have are from the iphone.  But here they are none-the-less.


Our new friends…..


So, last week we went to a local animal shelter to visit with a guinea pig that needed a new home.  We ended up spending an hour playing, fell in love, and came home with two!  How that happened, I’m not really sure.  I guess they were just too darn cute.  I mean really, who wouldn’t love these little things?

Meet Margo (in Trey’s lap) and Mowie.  Mowie got her name because she has a mohawk.  hehe.  Guess who came up with that name?  Yeah, Trey is a funny child.  He’s also taking really great care of his new pets and it’s the most adorable thing to see.  The programmer and I are so proud.

We’ve also learned a few things.

1. Guinea pigs shed a lot.

2. They’re fairly smart…..for rodents.

3.  Jeffrey may be allergic. (woops)

Anywho, we just had to share our new furry friends with all of you!

3rd Grade…..


I have a 3rd grader.  It makes me a little sad.  It also makes me smile just a little because I have so much fun homeschooling my big guy!  Well, most of the time anyway.  🙂

We are in our second week and are really enjoying the Sonlight curriculum.  It is a Christian program which I love but there is at least one thing we’re skipping out on….differing views and all.  But, I love that with Sonlight you have that option.  You can use as much or as little of it as you want.

Most mornings Trey has been pumped about getting started and has started without me a few times.  He was frustrated when I had to go back over some of it with him though.  I can’t complain about enthusiasm to learn!  I even woke up one morning to him doing his Bible reading(he just made me change the “b” in “Bible” to a capital, by the way).  So sweet.  That is something any mom could get use to!

Anywho, it’s not your typical 1st day of school picture, but here’s ours for 2012 none-the-less.  And please excuse the crazy hair, that’s just how we roll…..

And don’t you just love that little gap in his smile?  He lost that one the night before school started.  So much excitement around here!

doing some handwriting….

Looks like we’re ready…..


Our boxes have arrived and been unpacked with only a few books being read…..

The books have been shelved (in order of use, of course).  Though I’m still working on the subject dividers.  They’re going to be super cute….

the teacher’s guide organized…..

and Trey’s notebook all ready to go for week 1….

I am SO excited for this school year to start on Tuesday.  I’m pretty sure Trey is looking forward to it too since he announced, “Man, this school year is going to be a blast!” as we were unpacking the boxes.  🙂

Sweet Summertime…..


….and HOT!  Oh my goodness has it been hot up here in Boston this summer.  I guess being from the South, you’d think I’d be use to it….but hot is just yucky no matter how use to it you are.  We have managed to stay super busy and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

A few weeks ago we went to camp meeting in Georgia with Jeffrey’s family and couldn’t have asked for a better visit.  Camp meeting always brings lots of quality time and Trey got to run around with cousins for a whole week.  We even met two new additions to the family the had been long prayed for.  🙂  I just love babies! Here’s a few pics from Trey’s adventures that week….sadly I didn’t get any group/cousin ones and they were all taken on my phone.  boo.




 After we made it back to Boston we jumped right back into things with Apple Camp!  Trey had so much fun making his video.





Trey has also gotten a new Seeds Family Worship album that he is just loving to listen to.  Really though, what’s not to love about those things?!  While he is all piled up in the pillows, he’s actually using his self-modified “bed fan” to cool down.


And I happened to get a new prayer journal a few weeks ago that is beyond awesome (and super cute) from Throne of Grace.  I am loving it.  God has been after me for a while now to get more serious about my prayer life and, besides reading a few books on prayer, I thought this might help.  My brain tends to wander when I pray and this journal has really helped me stay focused.  You should check it out….she has lots more cute ones just waiting to go….


I hope you’ve all had a blessed summer as well and that you enjoy what little you may have left of it.  We have a few more weeks and will enjoy every crazy, busy, hot and humid moment of it!

Lake Champlain & the 4th of July!


We don’t usually do very much for the 4th of July, so this year it was pretty exciting when we got invited to a friend’s cabin at Lake Champlain.  We had such a wonderful time!  Stephanie and Jeremy have two little boys and such a welcoming family.  The boys enjoyed playing together and doing some Star Wars crafts in between playing at the shore and tubing on the lake.  The cabin is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it was so peaceful.  One of my favorite things was curling up in cozy chair on the back porch, looking out at the beautiful view, and listening to the water below.  So, without further ado, my fourth of July photo dump!

Oh, and fair warning, there are lots of pj’s and life jackets in all of the pics….

He doesn’t look too happy here, but he had a blast in the canoe!  He was just ready to be on land by then…

“Skipping” rocks

I love the sky here, just after a storm.  🙂

Awww, a rare family picture.  Makes me smile.

We saw an awesome TRIPLE rainbow, sadly we couldn’t capture it all in a pic.

Trey caught a fish while sitting on the intertube….he was quite please with himself!

Cliff jumping.  Yeah, I did that!

I just love this picture.  This daddy clearly adores his little man….

After all the water fun we wrote thank you notes to the boys’ uncle for taking us out!

Don’t forget the fireworks!!!

The Tooth Fairy, Santa and other lies……


Don’t you love how we tell our children not to lie…..and then we lie to them over and over again.  I know, it’s all in fun, etc, but don’t you feel just a little bit guilty about it sometimes?  We sure did!  Let me be clear, I’m not judging anyone on this (so please don’t hate me for this post!) because Mr. Programmer and I have done this very thing with our little man.  We never had any intention of doing it…..but we did and had some fun with it.  Especially the whole Elf on the Shelf thing.

When Trey lost another tooth a few weeks ago, I went to the store and picked out the perfect “Tooth Fairy” gift (something he would absolutely love) and then it sat in my pajama drawer for four days.  Bless his precious little heart.  When it came time to put his tooth in the pillow and go to bed he came to us in tears.  He cradled it in his hands and said “I just can’t decide if I want to keep it or not.”  At that moment, our hearts melted into puddles on the floor.  We told him he didn’t have to make the decision now and could keep it as long as he wanted.  After a few days of Trey debating what to do (and thankfully no more tears) we told him the truth.  About it all (although he is eight so it was about that time anyway).  We were worried about him being upset about these characters not existing or that we had lied, but he was actually relieved.  Little man was really, really happy.  He liked that we were the ones who had picked out his Christmas presents that Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy had brought him.  And Jeffrey and I were relieved that we no longer had to keep up the charade.  That we could stop lying and making excuses.  But don’t worry, we told him about not ruining it for others.  🙂

And you want to know something super cute?  I showed him where I’ve been keeping his teeth and told him that he could see them whenever he wanted.  I find him at least once a day checking in on them, holding them and marveling at how he grew those tiny things!

So here’s my sweet boy proudly showing off lost tooth #4…….Don’t you just love it?!