No Tricks but lots of Treats…..


Our little green ninja got lots of treats last night and we had the best time!  Once again, we headed down to Beals St. to collect the goods.  We went extra early this year in hopes of missing the crowds.  Yes, we were trick-or-treating with the babies but Trey didn’t seem to mind at all.

Isn’t he a sneaky looking ninja?  You’d never see him coming in that bright green outfit, huh?!  We had to stay true to the green ninja though…

We met up with Jeffrey at Coolidge Corner and all went trick-or-treating together.  🙂

Afterwards we stopped in at Zaftig’s to rest and for some dinner where Trey took a series of incredibly horrible pics of my sweet husband and me.  sigh.  I was hoping that at least one would turn out okay!

Trey was checking out his “Halloween earnings” as he called them.  He got some good stuff and I only snagged one piece….really.

Trey’s dentist office participated in Stop Zombie Mouth and paid $1 per pound of Halloween candy brought in today.  They’re also sending all the candy they collect to troops overseas.  Since he’s been saving up for a board game and he didn’t need all of that candy we were both pretty excited about it.  He had just enough candy to earn his dollar and got a few other goodies, including a code to download the computer version of PvZ for free.  He was one happy boy!


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