Our Trek out West….


A few weeks ago, Trey and I headed out West for a week to visit with my parents in Colorado.  And when I say “trek”, I mean it.  Our flights got all messed up and we ended up on 3 different plans going and and 3 different planes coming back.  Those we two long days.  They also made me realized I am getting older.  Don’t you love those kinds of things?  I don’t recover from traveling days nearly as quickly these days as I use to.  Though, I am thankful that our big guys is a great traveler.  Always has been.  🙂

We had a fantastic week with my parents enjoying the weather and breathtaking views, touring a silver mine, taking a boat ride through a canyon, seeing my aunt and uncle, and playing with all of our dog friends.  It wasn’t even about what we did, it was just nice to be with my parents.

I haven’t been great about picture taking lately.  I didn’t even take our camera with us, so the only pics we have are from the iphone.  But here they are none-the-less.


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