Our new friends…..


So, last week we went to a local animal shelter to visit with a guinea pig that needed a new home.  We ended up spending an hour playing, fell in love, and came home with two!  How that happened, I’m not really sure.  I guess they were just too darn cute.  I mean really, who wouldn’t love these little things?

Meet Margo (in Trey’s lap) and Mowie.  Mowie got her name because she has a mohawk.  hehe.  Guess who came up with that name?  Yeah, Trey is a funny child.  He’s also taking really great care of his new pets and it’s the most adorable thing to see.  The programmer and I are so proud.

We’ve also learned a few things.

1. Guinea pigs shed a lot.

2. They’re fairly smart…..for rodents.

3.  Jeffrey may be allergic. (woops)

Anywho, we just had to share our new furry friends with all of you!


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