Lake Champlain & the 4th of July!


We don’t usually do very much for the 4th of July, so this year it was pretty exciting when we got invited to a friend’s cabin at Lake Champlain.  We had such a wonderful time!  Stephanie and Jeremy have two little boys and such a welcoming family.  The boys enjoyed playing together and doing some Star Wars crafts in between playing at the shore and tubing on the lake.  The cabin is pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it was so peaceful.  One of my favorite things was curling up in cozy chair on the back porch, looking out at the beautiful view, and listening to the water below.  So, without further ado, my fourth of July photo dump!

Oh, and fair warning, there are lots of pj’s and life jackets in all of the pics….

He doesn’t look too happy here, but he had a blast in the canoe!  He was just ready to be on land by then…

“Skipping” rocks

I love the sky here, just after a storm.  🙂

Awww, a rare family picture.  Makes me smile.

We saw an awesome TRIPLE rainbow, sadly we couldn’t capture it all in a pic.

Trey caught a fish while sitting on the intertube….he was quite please with himself!

Cliff jumping.  Yeah, I did that!

I just love this picture.  This daddy clearly adores his little man….

After all the water fun we wrote thank you notes to the boys’ uncle for taking us out!

Don’t forget the fireworks!!!


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