The Tooth Fairy, Santa and other lies……


Don’t you love how we tell our children not to lie…..and then we lie to them over and over again.  I know, it’s all in fun, etc, but don’t you feel just a little bit guilty about it sometimes?  We sure did!  Let me be clear, I’m not judging anyone on this (so please don’t hate me for this post!) because Mr. Programmer and I have done this very thing with our little man.  We never had any intention of doing it…..but we did and had some fun with it.  Especially the whole Elf on the Shelf thing.

When Trey lost another tooth a few weeks ago, I went to the store and picked out the perfect “Tooth Fairy” gift (something he would absolutely love) and then it sat in my pajama drawer for four days.  Bless his precious little heart.  When it came time to put his tooth in the pillow and go to bed he came to us in tears.  He cradled it in his hands and said “I just can’t decide if I want to keep it or not.”  At that moment, our hearts melted into puddles on the floor.  We told him he didn’t have to make the decision now and could keep it as long as he wanted.  After a few days of Trey debating what to do (and thankfully no more tears) we told him the truth.  About it all (although he is eight so it was about that time anyway).  We were worried about him being upset about these characters not existing or that we had lied, but he was actually relieved.  Little man was really, really happy.  He liked that we were the ones who had picked out his Christmas presents that Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy had brought him.  And Jeffrey and I were relieved that we no longer had to keep up the charade.  That we could stop lying and making excuses.  But don’t worry, we told him about not ruining it for others.  🙂

And you want to know something super cute?  I showed him where I’ve been keeping his teeth and told him that he could see them whenever he wanted.  I find him at least once a day checking in on them, holding them and marveling at how he grew those tiny things!

So here’s my sweet boy proudly showing off lost tooth #4…….Don’t you just love it?!



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