Ten whole years.  That’s how long I’ve been married to the love of my life.

It’s amazing to look back over the past ten years and see the many ways God has blessed us.

We have a precious 8 year old….

Loving and supportive parents who have done so much for us and shown us what a marriage should be…..and also happen to be the most awesome grandparents ever.

We’ve had three different homes in three different cities (and two different states!) and now we have a home and jobs here in Boston that we love….

Jeffrey’s job involves this company and web development (Trey loves that his dad works for a company that has “terrible” in it’s name and a T-Rex for it’s mascot).

My job involves homeschooling this little man and taking care of the household and my two boys!  Let me tell you, BEST JOB EVER and something I have such a passion for and desire to continually improve in…

This list could go on and on….

We most certainly have had good times and bad.  We have learned so much.  We have been blessed beyond measure.

I thank the Lord everyday for my amazing husband, that I have a best friend who loves, understands, supports, and strengthens me.  Someone who lovingly provides for his family and is an incredible father to our little man.  Oh, I’m one blessed gal.  🙂


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