Brown paper package…..


Big man got a package in the mail today.

Wanna know what was inside?

Yeah, I did too!

Well, how about that.  They’re Angry Birds that  go on his Crocs.

Out of the blue, he gets a mysterious package in the mail with something inside that there is no doubt in the world he will love.  (of course, two Angry Birds birthday parties certainly wouldn’t have given any hints…)

Without any inkling of who it’s from.

All the way from Hong Kong…..of all the places.

Don’t worry, the mystery hasn’t hindered his excitement one bit.  He just sat at the table and played with these things for the past 45 minutes like they’re the greatest invention of all time.

I have one darn happy eight year old.  🙂

So, thank you, mysterious gift giver for your kindness and generosity.  And for putting a smile on my sweet boy’s face.  Also, feel free to let us know who you are….


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    • Thanks Ace! Between those and the “may the fourth be with you” e-card, he’s had a pretty great day!

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