Bird-day Parties…..complete.


Whew!  Our lucky little eight year old got two birthday parties this year.  Nice, huh?  He loved it but I’m pretty exhausted!  One was in while we were down South visiting family a few weeks ago and the other one was here with all of Trey’s neighborhood and church buddies.

Very different parties but they both had the same theme…..Angry Birds.  I believe they went “flying-ly well” as my brother girlfriend might put it.  🙂  I found some great inspiration on Pinterest and Etsy and my Cricut came in pretty hand.  There’s also a lot of free printables out there.

my birthday boy with all of the good stuff….

Here are one of the THREE different kinds of cupcakes.  These are Trey’s gluten free ones, there were regular, and then the everything-free for those with every allergy possible. (those are the ones sealed up all by themselves in the back corner)

These are the good ones.  🙂  I only ate two….

Little man wanted an extra special cupcake.  He was quite pleased with this one….

Birthday boy with some of his buddies.  Looks like they had a pretty good time…

Oh, and don’t forget Pin the Bird on the Slingshot!

Trey wanted to make tags for the party favor bags but ran out of steam after a few so we just used one for them all!

All of the party-goers seemed excited about the Angry Birds pencil toppers and stickers

and only a few asked where the candy was….


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