“The best birthday day…..”


…..minute, second, hour, week, month, year.” At least that’s what Trey deemed his 8th birthday and very first trip to New York City.  It was definitely one he will never forget!

My baby boy somehow turned 8 years old last week.  That is 8 whole years that Jeffrey and I have been blessed to have this amazing child in our lives.  God is so good!

We had been trying to plan a NYC trip with some friends for a while and it just happened to work out for the weekend of Trey’s birthday.  (Apologies, all of the pics are from my iphone.)

We woke up and headed to see the Statue of Liberty….

Afterwards we ate at a yummy late lunch at Shake Shack before heading back to the hotel to rest before going out for the night.  The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square were the only things we had on our must-do list.  Since we’d already done the first two we walked down to Times Square for dinner and took Trey to the most awesome toy store ever.  Seriously.  I have never seen anything like the Toys R Us in Times Square.  There is a full sized ferris wheel in the middle of the store, a dinosaur from Jurassic Park and life-sized lego statues just to name a few.  I know it’s New York and there are a million other things to see and do but it was my child’s birthday for goodness sake….there was no other option.  🙂  Trey and I rode in the Scooby Doo ferris wheel car while Jeffrey scoped out the toys for Trey.  Instead of buying him a gift ahead of time we let him roam the store and pick out his gift himself.  We had so much fun but at the end of the day we had one pooped out little 8 year old!

our self-portrait on the ferris wheel

His “Eek!  Please don’t squish me!” face.  🙂

The next day before hopping on the bus back to Boston, we stopped by FAO Schwartz.  I’m sad to say that it wasn’t as exciting as I’d imagined it would be my ENTIRE life.  😦  I guess going to the most awesome toy store ever the night before kinda ruined it for me.  I was excited to see the big keyboard though!  Trey got to play on it and I wanted to, but I thought it might look a little strange for a grown woman to be running around up there with a bunch of kiddos.  I’m pretty sure security would have kicked me out!

We went back by our hotel to grab our luggage and poor guy was wiped out.  He slept like that in the lobby for over an hour!  I guess “the best birthday day, minute, second, hour, week, month, year” was just too much for him.  🙂


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