Best schoolroom ever….


The past few days we’ve had a new schoolroom… the beach!  Despite all of the possible distractions, he has done pretty well.  We’ve even done some school down by the pool before he hopped in.  Looks pretty nice, huh?  I’m only sad my sweet mr. programmer had to stay at home.  😦

We’ve also just had some fun.  Trey met a little boy his age and they played together for hours.  They took turns burying each other in the sand which gives me the heebie jeebies.  I cannot stand more than a few grains of sand on me, but I’ll sit down there under an umbrella all day.

I’m also in love with my new hat.  Isn’t it great?  Target is the best.  🙂  I thought it would be great for our upcoming cruise.  Little mr. is pretty darn cute himself….

Last night we ran across a kite store and Doc let Trey pick out a kite.  We just had to try it out today and it didn’t disappoint.  These two have soooo much fun together.


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