In our household….


It has been a pretty darn good week.  Praise the Lord!  There were a few bumps here and there but there was a marked improvement in recognizing when he was upset and trying to control his emotions.  This is a BIG thing for little man.  So proud of him….

This past week we stayed pretty busy.  Here’s a few pics from the week:

My little student is working on multiplication and division with these handy-dandy things…

and speaking of math, I think we’ve found a fun new homeschool class.  We tried out a Math Adventures class at a nearby gym that does various homeschool classes.  It was amazing.  Trey got to run, swing, jump, and swim through the foam pit all while doing some math.  Oh, did I mention there was a pirate involved?

I think someone had fun….

You can’t ever go wrong with color mixing glasses….

Then there were the water beads.  Who doesn’t love these things?! I don’t think you’re ever too old for them…..

We started with Grapevine Studies and LOVE it…..but I think that’s going to need a post all for itself. 🙂

 Angry Birds threw up in my house since we’re getting ready for two birthday parties next month.  My Cricut has come in pretty handy for banners and cupcake toppers.  (thanks hubby!)

And finally, a celebration for the developer.  Since he started his new job back in November, my sweet husband has been working hard on this project that finally came to a close on Friday.  We had to celebrate all of his hard work with a few balloons, homemade gluten free cupcakes and a special note from little man to celebrate “Happy finish your project day”.


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