Didn’t you know…..


It’s National Sharpen Your Pencil Day!  No, I’m not making things up……but these little boys from GranolaMom4God (a homeschool blog that I follow) have come up with a new holiday.  When I first read about this a few weeks ago I thought, why not?  I hate grabbing a pencil only to find it dull or broken and it drives my child crazy.  I’m also one of those OCD people who can’t stand my pencils to be even slightly dull – so this “holiday” really appealed to me. 🙂

A few people joined in and even made some free printables and activities for the day but they were all geared towards younger children.  No worries though, we had a great time anyway.  Yesterday was particularly rough day, and even though we have Dr. Seuss Day tomorrow I was hoping this would help start our day off in the right direction.  It worked!  We gathered all of the pencils in our house and guess how many we had….a whopping 26!  You know those packages of pencils you find in the dollar bins at Target with all of the fun and seasonal designs, that’s what we had.  I grabbed up every new one I saw so, needless to say, we had a TON of pencils.  Since we’ve been homeschooling the pencil usage has gone way up in our household and so has sharpening….and sharpening those cheap-o dollar bins pencils added way too much stress in my life.  Seriously.  About a month ago I decided I’d had enough.  I let Trey pick a few of his favorites to save and I dumped the rest of the cheap-o ones in the trash can and invested in some plain pencils that are actually worth the money you pay for them.  Ahh….

So, here are numerous pictures of my child as we celebrate our new holiday with pencils, sharpening pencils….you get the idea.

These are the good ones that make my days just a little easier.   🙂


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