We have been….


Learning all kinds of things in school!  While we still have our frustrating moments, for the most part we are both really enjoying spending our days together and doing some fun learning!  (Though I won’t gloss it over and admit that I have been pretty stressed lately!)  And by the way, I plan on blogging about something other than schooling at some point….

We learned about “moonjellies”  (different from moon jellies apparently) and bioluminescence.  We learned about bioluminescence and then made our own moonjellies with glow bracelets, plastic baggies and the bathroom sink.  He played in there forever!  We also made a trip to see the jellyfish at the aquarium after his weekly aquarium homeschool class.

We did a fun watercolor and pastel jellyfish art after in introduced him to using pastels…..

…and once again the whole not liking messes thing kind of slowed us down a little with using the pastels but I still think it turned out beautifully.  He’s so funny.

We learned about contractions which strangely enough coincided with the due date of Trey’s new cousin.  I think I gave a few people the wrong idea when I posted on Facebook “hooray for contractions!”  Sorry about that folks.  lol

He loves anything having to do with dice and there are several sellers on TeachersPayTeachers that have come up with great math and literacy centers using them…..so we do a lot of those just to make things a little more entertaining around here and work on skills he’s not so crazy about. (I’m so sneaky.)

more dice and learning fun….For some reason or other, my child isn’t big on longer, more descriptive sentences.  He makes them as short and sweet as possible so we’ve been working on that with some of these activities.  It’s a work in progress.  🙂

We learned about why ducks don’t get wet by reading the book titled Ducks Don’t Get Wet and then painting one paper bag with oil and leaving the other one plain and then spraying them both with water.  He played with that for a while too trying and trying to make the water the beaded up on the bag with oil sink in…..it was pretty fun to watch how determined he was.

….then we learned about why ducks don’t sink…..

Last week we learned about the five sense and did some sound, touch and smell testing.  I don’t remember what he was smelling here but he sure didn’t like whatever it was!


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