Oh my cuteness….


So, Trey wanted to make something special for Doc for Christmas and what he ended up doing turned out amazing.  It’s so adorable I get a little giddy just thinking about it!  Last summer, Trey started trying to teach Doc how to play Angry Birds and my poor daddy just couldn’t catch on.  On the drive down to the beach he had been working on it for a while and finally exclaimed, “I have never failed so much at anything in my life!”  For such a smart, successful man I guess I could see why it would be a little frustrating to fail so miserably at a silly game.  Thanks to that comment and a suggestion from Coco (Jeffrey’s mom), an idea was born.  Trey worked so hard finding just the right coloring pages, coloring them and coming up with the information he thought was most important for Doc to know.

Sadly, try as I might (and my sweet husband too), we couldn’t get it to embed.  Darn you WordPress!  Anywho, here’s a link to Trey’s Guide to Angry Bird Success.  You really should take a minute to check it out.  It is precious!


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