Update on my Dad….


I know I’ve asked you all to be praying but haven’t done a very good job of keeping you updated!  Sorry about that.  There really hasn’t been too much to tell the past few months thankfully.  From mid-September until December 21, my parents were in Sarasota, Florida for his treatment.  We were so thankful that his treatments and surgery stayed on schedule and they were able to make it back home in time for Christmas.

I think that despite the reason for their stay, they enjoyed a lot of their time in Florida.  Who can complain about 70 degree weather in November and December?!  They bought kayaks and bikes, made lots of friends and even found a church to attend while there.

We are in a kind-of  wait-and-see period now where we just have to give his implants time to work and check back later to see where things are….So, keep those prayers coming!  They have definitely been felt!

Here are a few pics from Christmas at their house!  My little guy was so excited to see all of his grandparents and I’m pretty sure they were glad to see him!

Okay, this is horrible of me but it’s a picture of my daddy on me on Christmas!


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