Hodgepodge of Homeschooling


What we’ve been up to…

Studying and searching for nouns, verbs, adjectives and pronouns!

Thankfully our library is absolutely AMAZING.  They have yet to have a book that I’ve wanted and I check out a lot of books!  At any given time I usually have between fifteen to twenty-five books checked out.  We have a book basket that I fill each week with books on the topics that we are covering that week.  Last week it was Italy, boats, bridges and cats.  This week it’s been things like Canada, Inuit, simple machines and auroras.  Every day Trey has a quiet reading time where he picks a book from the basket and reads.  He reads a lot on his own anyways, but I like this because it reinforces what we’ve been talking about already.  I love it when he’s doing his reading time and says, “Oh mom, listen to this…..”

Doing some quiet reading….he was really into this book on bridges.

Trey decided he wanted to go ahead and do some school over the weekend so we would have more time to spend with our families next week.  I thought it was a great idea since we were discussing simple machines (particularly the lever) and I knew Jeffrey would love to work with him on that.  So, on Saturday morning, the boys got to work learning about levers.  They were pretty cute together….

The past few weeks we’ve been having a good time doing our Christmas Around the World unit.  We’ve learned about 6 six different countries and how they celebrate Christmas and did a craft for each to help us remember how they celebrate.  I learned a lot and thankfully so did Trey!

Here’s our Christmas in Germany craft.  I figured since I always end up doing all of the never-ending

work on a real gingerbread house a paper one might work better this year and I was so right!

For Christmas in Mexico we read The Legend of the Poinsettia (which we both enjoyed!) and did a poinsettia craft.

I always seem to forget how much he dislikes getting messy until it’s too late but he was proud of his work in the end!

That’s all from us for now!  I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas season!


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