Some School and A Zombie…


The past few weeks we have all been doing a lot of adjusting but overall things are going pretty well on the homeschool front. We definitely have our moments but for the most part we are having a great time together and the great thing is that Trey is learning a lot and loving it! I chose to use Five in a Row as our main curriculum and I cannot say enough wonderful things about it only a few weeks in. There are some really great homeschool blogs out there that use FIAR and have provided me with so many ideas. I supplement with other curriculum as well for math and phonics. I just wanted to share the few pictures I’ve managed to snap so far. Our first week was kinda a hodgepodge of things because it was half a week and my curriculum hadn’t arrived yet so I just let Trey provide the direction.

Here we are on day two and the Pompei exhibit at the Boston Science Museum learning about volcanoes…..(then we came home and made our own!)

The next day we learned about earthworms and went outside and found a few to study….

One of the things we learned about last week was humor in writing using the book “How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World.” I found this cute activity from the website TeachersPayTeachers and Trey had so much fun making silly sentences and illustrating them that he asked to do it again the next day!

He was hard at work!

I can’t post without sharing some Halloween pictures too! He loves the game Plants vs. Zombies so he decided to be a bucket-head zombie from the game for Halloween this year. The socialite my child is had two parties to go to before we even got around to trick-or-treating so we were all exhausted by the time we got home but we did stick to our tradition of stopping by Panera to warm up and grab some dinner on our way back. So why is he holding a leaf you ask……because it was the most humongous leaf he had ever seen. šŸ™‚

Cutest bucket-head zombie ever….

Now I am off to cuddle, eat cookies and watch a zombie show with my hubby. I hope everyone has a blessed week!


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