Family Fun…


Now that I’m finally getting these off of my camera, here’s a few more pics from when Andrew and Meredith came and stayed with us.  We were able to get out and do all sorts of neat things.  Most of which poor Jeffrey missed out on because he had to work!  Marblehead is one of his favorite places and I know he was sad we went without him…but that just means we’ll have to make another trip out there very soon!  Trey loves it too; he’s my little rock climber.

Uncle Andrew, Aunt Meredith and Benjamin seemed to like it too!

Trey and his little cousin outside The Barnacle- yum!

He really liked going down to the water by the restaurant –

especially when I let him wade in a little

When we have visitors come and stay Trey is kind enough to give up his room and nice big bed.  Everyone always apologizes for kicking him out but he actually loves it!  He gets to sleep in his Tauntaun sleeping bag (thanks Uncle Adam) in his teepee on the floor in the dining room.  It’s like getting to camp-out for him.  Here he is at bedtime.  My two guys are so cute together – Jeffrey and Trey like to read together every night before bedtime.  🙂

And last but not least, we had another lobster boil!  I think we might have to start having visitors more often….Trey got his own again this time and ate every bite!  Meredith was pretty funny about it.  She was so excited to have a lobster boil but being the animal lover that she is, struggled with the fact that we had to kill them to eat them.  She was brave though and dropped one in the pot….but not without a little squealing.  lol.  Oh, fun times…


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  1. Lol…the lobster boil was funny. But don’t forget my lobster managed to flip boiling water onto me with his tail! Didn’t have a problem dropping him in after that…

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