Hi there!


I know I’ve been absent from the blogging world for a while.  I even took a two week break from Facebook if you can believe that!  My last post happened to coincide with several unfortunate and overwhelming events and I just wasn’t up to blogging for a while.  I’m not sure that I’ll get around to catching you all up on what I’ve failed to post about but I did managed to get several pictures today that I just couldn’t help but share.

Andrew and Meredith and their little one are visiting with us this week and we made a trip to the New England Aquarium.  While it isn’t the greatest aquarium of all time, Trey had a great time and was happy enough to smile for a few pictures.  Hooray!

Trey with the penguins.  Those and the jellyfish were his favorites.

You know how to tell my child is super happy…..he’ll pose for a picture without even being asked!

Trey and his little cousin Benjamin

Oh, and as we were leaving, a shark jumped on Trey’s head.  He was a little surprised.


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