I really do!


Jeffrey and I celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary this week.  Hooray!  Jeffrey took a day off work and the two of us went out and wandered around Boston’s North End and ended up at the Wharf eating seafood for lunch.  I even managed to pick up a couple of pastries from one of the many amazing Italian bakeries there.  One of them went back to Trey who did not like it at all that we would be going out having fun while he was in school.  We had so much fun we decided we should do it much more often….just don’t let Trey in on our little secret!

We don’t do much in the way of gifts but this year I had no problem coming up with something to give Jeffrey.  He lost his wedding band in the snow on the way to work back in January and has been missing it ever since.  Never mind the fact that I begged him to stay home that day and he left the gloves I had laid on his laptop bag…..lol.  Hopefully he won’t get mad at me including that part.  🙂  But now he has a nice new shiny one that fits much better!  Jeffrey was even sweet enough to get me a new TV cabinet. (To those of you who don’t know my husband that well….new furniture is a pretty big deal!)  Of course I always get him a card as well.  I went to at least five different stores looking for the right one and had such a hard time until I ran across this one that summed it all up perfectly.  So few words that can say so much.  I really, really do love my life with you Jeffrey.


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