Have I mentioned lately…


how much we love where we live?  Because we really do!  A year ago I was excited but also absolutely terrified about our move to Boston.  I thought it was such a big place that everything would be so impersonal and surely it could never feel like home, right?  But, thank God (literally!), it does.  I love how there is a real community feel even in such a huge city.  Of course a lot of it comes from Trey’s school, which we happen to adore.  They go out of their way to reach out to families and there is always something going on.  We’ve only done half the extras they’ve planned and it has kept our calendar full.  There are community potlucks at night and breakfast and coffee once a month just for families to get together.  They even do a big party every year just for the parents.  The specialists at the school schedule different nighttime or weekend events for families like Bingo for Books, Math Games, and FitFest just to name a few.

We live a couple minute walk from several different parks, tons of stores and restaurants, public transit and a huge library. Much different than Alabama!  It seems like every time my feet hit the sidewalk I can’t stop thinking about how I love where we live.  (Those last two sentences aren’t related so don’t read too much into that you folks down South!)

Getting our family where we are today was an interesting ride to say the least but I know that God has been with us every step of the way.  It’s amazing to me how He continues to bless us over and over.  Sometimes I get too caught up in day-to-day busyness or frustrations or even worries to sit back and look at the whole picture and how God is truly present in our lives.  You’d have thought I would have learned by now to stop worrying about things and just trust that God is in control!  That’s something I’m working on.  🙂

Trey waiting for the next word at Bingo for Books.  Super fun!  Everyone left with a free book even if they didn’t Bingo.

Here’s Trey at the 1st and 2nd grade Math Games.  WE had so much fun!

(and in his Martial Arts shirt since he just finished that)

This was Star Wars activity day at the library (right behind Trey’s school conveniently enough)  How awesome is that?


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