Look what Trey is missing….


A tooth!  Trey lost his first tooth a couple of week ago.  He was so excited about it too!  It had been loose for a few weeks but then he just got determined to get it out one day….and out it came.  When Doc and Cece were here, Doc joked with him about tying a string to it and slamming the door and using pliers, both of which he insisted on us trying.  We went back and forth between door slamming, “pliers”, and just plain wiggling.  And just fyi, we didn’t use real pliers, it was some old dental tool of my dad’s I had.  Trey was pretty adorable about the whole thing and even though it hurt a little he was a brave little guy with a one track mind and the tooth fairy rewarded him accordingly.  We figured the tooth fairy must have been extra nice since it was his first lost tooth and it took until he was 7!  🙂  He got the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cheese Touch board game….oh the fun we’ve had.  The permanant tooth was already popping up before this one came out and, as he so eloquently put it, “I’m going to have to take good care of that little buddy.”

Now he’s excited because he already has another wiggly one….Oh, the joys of being a kid.

Here they are “trying” the string tied to a doorknob

Next up are the “pliers”  He looks pretty excited for a kid who is about to have his tooth ripped out doesn’t he?

…..and there you go….

I also just have to show his superhero tooth fairy pillow.  Trey helped pick it out from Etsy.com.  Isn’t it just too cute?

He loves it and so does the tooth fairy because it hangs on the door instead of going under their pillow!


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