Lobster Boil and Easter


Continuing through the list of things my parents wanted to do while in Boston, we went and picked up some live lobsters and had a lobster boil.  We kept it simple with lobster, corn, potatoes and some drawn butter.  I thought Trey wouldn’t want to have a thing to do with any of it but Doc insisted my child needed his very own lobster.  Not only did he actually pick the “chicken” (what they call the kind of lobster he got) up while it was still alive, he ate a good bit and loved it!  With a little help from Doc.  Such fun times.

Here’s Trey ready to eat his “chicken.”

Doc and the lobster claw getting Trey.  Oh no!

Easter Sunday was a great one.  It was a beautiful day outside and we had an incredible church service that morning worshipping our risen Lord!  It was the most moving baptism service I have ever seen.  Truly.  One of the neat parts was that because the tub was in the floor of the stage so we couldn’t see much from the pews, the children were invited up to watch at the edge of the stage.  Trey loved it and I am glad he got to witness something so powerful.  Once the people came up from the water there was great rejoicing from all!  I was thankful to have my parents with us and excited to introduce them to some of my friends from church.  After church and some lunch we headed to the park for our own egg hunt followed by learning to fly the glider Doc and Cece brought Trey.  Sadly, Trey seemed to wake up on the wrong side of his tauntaun sleeping bag so we had some good moments and some….let’s just stick with some more trying moments.  That is also why I don’t really have a better Easter picture than this….

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.  We are thinking and praying for those affected by the tornadoes back at home.  We love and miss you all and are glad you are okay!


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