Trey turned 7!


It’s so hard to believe my little guys is actually 7 years old.  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday!  sniff, sniff…

Yesterday was such a fun day!  Trey woke up super early so he would have time to open presents before heading to school.  He even cooperated with picture taking! (that’s how you know he’s in a really good mood!)  He is such a funny child.  For his fourth birthday I remember he tore through the presents as fast as he could, barely taking the time to see what was in each package.  This year I had to hurry him along and remind him there would be time to look and play with it all.  He took his sweet time examining each one.  It didn’t help that the second gift was some of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books from Ace, Coco and Meriel and he started reading one the second he opened it.  After presents I fixed him a super-special birthday breakfast….pancakes with the sweet stuff which he enjoyed while reading one of his new books.  Then it was off to school!

After school I took him to see the movie Rio at the theater next to the Boston Commons.  It’s rated “G” but had some references I didn’t really think were appropriate.  Trey didn’t understand them but it still bothered me.  He had a good time anyway and afterwards we walked over and met Jeffrey for dinner at the Japanese place Trey chose.  It’s more of an adult restaurant but Trey loves it because you cook the food yourself at the table and he finds that amusing.  Last night though, I think he made friends with all of the wait staff.  They absolutely loved our little guy and spoiled him rotten.  They even brought him ice cream BEFORE he had a single bite of dinner.

We decorated with banners and balloons and all the usual birthday stuff and today we just had a small party at our place.  He had a couple of friends over to play Wii and have pizza and cupcakes.  That’s my kind of cheap, low-maintenance party!  But also exactly what he wanted so it worked well for us all.  🙂  Here are a few pics from his special day…..

Don’t worry Doc, he brushed his teeth well after breakfast.  🙂

Dinner with my little man at Kaze Shabu Shabu

Helping decorate…..

Blowing out the candle!

Birthday donut on the T on our way home from dinner


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