We’re still here!


I think it’s been about a month since my last post…woops.  Sorry to those who have enjoyed keeping up with Trey through this.  I’ll try and do better.  It seems like we’ve just been super busy lately.  It’s starting to look and feel a little like Spring up here in Boston (some days at least) and we are trying to get out more and enjoy it when the weather is nice.  You can’t help but be outside when you live in a city like this though.

While Trey and Jeffrey got settle pretty quickly here, it took me a little longer.  I am glad that I can say that I really love living here.  I think finding a church we feel at home in really helped and so did finding a small group with other Christian moms.  Sorry, I can’t really remember if I’ve talked about this or not, I have just felt so blessed by our church and friends lately I had to share!

Moving on from my ramblings……as some of you may know, Trey’s birthday is TOMORROW!  How did my little boy grow up so fast?!  7.  He will be 7 years old!  sigh….Anywho, there will be more on that after the party and presents and birthday fun.  We usually try to clean out Trey’s toys around Christmas and his birthday to get rid of things he no longer plays with so we can share them with others.  There were a few things that were difficult for both of us to part with but felt it was time.  One of them was the LarryMobile.  Oh how he loved that thing!  Jeffrey’s aunt and uncle gave it to Trey for Christmas when he was two…I think.  (she always comes up with the greatest gifts for him!  Thanks Joy!)  You can tell by looking at it that it had been well used but I guess he’s just getting a little old for that now.  So, it was time for the LarryMobile, Larry and Archibald to be passed along to another little guy who seemed quite taken with it.  🙂  Another thing we finally got rid of was Buzz.  It hasn’t worked for years (it use to spin around and light up) but I’m a little sentimental and Trey loved it so we held onto it for a while.  This is something my dad surprised Trey with while we were down at the beach one year and Trey was obsessed with Toy Story.  Oh the memories….I know it’s just stuff, but sometimes that “stuff” brings back sweet, sweet memories.  🙂

Anyways, here’s Trey saying goodbye to Buzz.

…and trying to make him work one last time.

We didn’t get a final picture before passing the LarryMobile along, but this was when he first got it.  (he was so little!)

And this, we didn’t get rid of this.  He was just wearing it and wanted to send a picture to my sweet friend Selah who made it for him.


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