No Smiles for the Camera…


Trey hasn’t wanted to have much to do with the camera the past few weeks and I don’t blame him!  Somehow I have managed to survive but my blog has suffered slightly.  Here’s a lovely picture of Trey trying so hard not so smile even though he really, really wants to!

We have managed to stay pretty busy.  Two weeks ago Trey had “February Vacation” (I kid you not).  This is of course different from the “April Break” he gets as well.  We had a nice lazy week and I signed him up for a couple of afternoon classes.  One was an animation class where he made the most adorable video (here a link to the facebook post from last week if you missed it) and the other was a cooking class.  I love how there is so much to do in Boston all of the time!  Last week we were ready to get  back to our routine though and Trey was happy to see his friends at school.

I have really been enjoying my small group and our new church we have started attending since Christmas break.  They have an amazing children’s program and Trey always has fun AND learns a lot.  This past week we started their program called “Bible Blast.”  It’s a wonderful curriculum and I love that it helps promote family togetherness, daily bible reading and sharing between parents and children.  After reading the bible stories there are quiz questions you do to review and if the kids get them right on Sunday they can earn bible bucks and prizes.  It’s a family event even on Sunday mornings and Trey and I were so blessed to experience it this morning.  He worked so hard all week with us to really get into the Bible, ask question and soak it all in.  I know I’ve said it before but his brain is like a sponge!  He never ceases to amaze me.

My small group has been such a blessing as well.  It’s a group of moms of all different ages that meets while Trey is at school.  Some of the moms with younger ones bring them along and I couldn’t help but get attached to each and every one of them.  I look forward to playing with the children at small group just as much as I enjoy interacting with the moms and studying God’s word.  I love how the squeals of the children during bible study and prayers only adds to the enjoyment.  I am learning so much from the study and from the other women.  It’s nice to know that even so far away from home and my family God has blessed me by providing a church family and strong women of faith to learn from and grow with.  I am so truly blessed.

On another note, last week Jeffrey celebrate one year at his job.  Isn’t it so hard to believe?!  I guess if it was just another job it wouldn’t seem so monumental but this changed so much in our lives….it’s still hard to believe sometimes, even a whole year later!  I am so proud of my wonderful husband.  He has been working so hard at…..well work!  They have had a lot going on and just went through several months of major changes to the website.  He has had many long work days and late or sleepless nights.  While this doesn’t even come close to covering it, I just have to take a moment and say “thanks babe.”

Okay, that’s all for now.  It’s almost bedtime for the little guy (who isn’t so little anymore!)  Blessings!


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