So, I went to pick Trey up from school today and what did he greet me with but this wonderful, sugary piece of yumminess.  He ran up to me with the sweetest smile on his face and said, “Here mommy!  I made this for you because I knew you would love it.”  He was absolutely right too.  He knows how much I love sweet stuff (much to my father’s dismay), especially cupcakes!

His sweet mood took a break for a while after we picked him up from a playdate with one of his friends.  It made me so sad to hear how in the middle of their playdate his friend decided he wasn’t going to be Trey’s friend anymore.  Trey didn’t want to leave his house.  I think he was worried if he left his friend would be gone for good.  Needless to say, Trey left not so happy.  It was rough going for a while but after some “alone time” and a shower he was back to his sweet little self.  Gosh, how I love him.

Speaking of love….Valentines Day!  I’ll have to post some pictures with Trey and all of his goodies (one of which are the Lego Star Wars pj’s he is wearing in this pic!).  They came from all over the place this year and boy was it a good day for him!  Okay, more on that later.  At the moment my book and cozy blanket are calling my name…..


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