Homework Time!


Not much exciting is going on up here in Boston.  Thankfully it hasn’t snowed for about a week so it’s a lot easier to get around!  But I think we are expecting some more next week…..

Trey has become quite the social butterfly these days.  He is making all sorts of playdates for himself and informing me that we will be having friends over to play that very moment.  Which makes it hard to say no if we have something else to do when your child and his friend are looking at you with such excitement.  It’s actually a good thing though.  He is making lots of friends, even with a boy who bullied him some before Christmas.  It is also forcing me to be a little more social and get to know some of the other moms.

Last week Trey and I decorate his home/school folder with our stash of stickers.  You can’t really tell what they are in the picture but among them were some bible verses and reminders that God loves him!  I was so happy he decided to include those and picked them as his favorites.  I love how little ones aren’t afraid to share what they believe!  Here’s Trey with his sticker-clad folder during homework time yesterday.

And…..one of my two boys just because I think they are so cute!  Trey looks so happy doesn’t he?


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