Hehe….more snow days!


I know I’ll get tired of it eventually, but the snow is so beautiful when it first falls.  Having a great pair of snow boots really makes things a lot easier in a walking town when things are all slushy outside.  Last Friday and this past Thursday we had more BIG snow.  Trey was out of school again and we had so much fun!  I didn’t want to get out there at first but Trey begged so we went out and played in the snow.  There were snow angels, snowball fights and all sorts of stuff.  Can you tell he loved it?

We also spent some time inside working on project or two.  Nanny and Grandaddy had given Trey these really neat build-you-own kits for Christmas and he couldn’t wait get his hands on them.  We made the car and coin bank and he was so proud of his work!


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