Holiday Adventure


Trey was out of school on Monday for MLK Day.  They talked a lot  about it at school and Trey was really interested in and excited about the day.  I decided to make it a super fun day….and a little educational too!  We started off the day by dropping Jeffrey off at work and heading straight to the Boston Science Museum.  I’m so glad we invested in a yearly membership there.  There was a lot of extra stuff going on like some students from Tufts were there doing activites with the kids, museum workers were helping kids build “satellites” that would fly and it was last day of the K’nex exhibit (which was awesome).  There were also baby chicks hatching, some monkeys and an exhibit on race that was really neat.  It was a good thing we got there first thing because when we left at 11:30 the place was an absolute madhouse and there was not a single parking space to be found.

Here’s Trey with his K’nex spider

and I just love this smile….

Trey and his “satellite” that worked!  He was so proud.  Can you tell?

After the museum we drove out to a mall and we got some Chick-fil-a for lunch which was a wonderful treat.  Then we explored the Lego store, Disney store and Build-A-Bear.  I even managed to find some great deals on winter clothes for my little guy for next winter.  Yay!


Here’s Trey with his Build-A-Bear.  He named it Rock n’ Roll because it has a speaker you can plug into his ipod.  (which I must add is an old ipod of Jeffrey’s.  we did not buy one for our 6 year old!)  Oh my….

I have so much fun with my little guy.  It was hard to send him back to school yesterday but I survived…..

Now it’s off to run errands and do laundry.  Gosh I love my job!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed day today!


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