Snow Day


Oh my did we get some snow last night and it’s still coming down hard!  We were woken up in the wee hours of the morning by snowplows outside our windows but were able to make up for it by sleeping a little late.  They started canceling schools yesterday afternoon and we knew it was going to be rough it they are calling off school and work in Boston because of snow!  It’s nice to have both of my boys at home today and we’ve had a great time playing light tag with R2-D2 this morning.  I’m enjoying admiring the snow but have no plans to get out in it today!  Trey heard some of our neighbors out playing in the snow so I suited him up and sent him out for a little while (without me!) and now he’s at a new friends’ house across the street.  Ah, snow days are so fun!

This is looking out our front window.  Yeah…..that’s a lot of snow!

I’ve already seen lots of tree limbs falling onto cars.  Wonder why……

And a final one of our street but not a great one because I’m still in my pj’s and not going out there!


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