My Sweet Boy and a Win for Auburn!


Not too much exciting stuff happening around here these days.  We’ve started using the smiley face chart again with Trey and he’s now earning an allowance.  He’s so excited but we know it’s something we should have started a long time ago!  I have to say that his inclination to talk back has greatly decreased the past week so…..whooohooo!  Don’t think those two things are related do you?  After we got home from Alabama a few weeks ago I woke up to find this written on the fridge.  How sweet is that?  He loves the grandparents and apparently my one of my parents’ dogs.  Trey even drew a picture of the cute little mop.  🙂  If we didn’t have so many bags already I would have tried to sneak her back with me on the plane after Christmas.  She is our (meaning Trey and me) favorite dog though and I keep telling Jeffrey she’ll just be there when he gets home one day….hehe.

I know it’s super fuzzy.  That’s what I get for taking it with my phone in poor lighting.  😦

Also, I have to take a second to say WAR EAGLE!  I can’t believe that the Auburn Tigers won the BCS Championship.  What an amazing game.  We are an hour ahead of all you Alabamians so it was after midnight by the time the clock ran out.  Poor Jeffrey couldn’t care less about sports and was trying to sleep so he could get up and go to work so I was trying so hard not to yell at the TV.  (Oh… that’s where Trey got that from.  woops.)  I did a quick celebration dance and then crawled into bed even though I was too excited to go to sleep!  I sure do feel sorry for the people who have to clean up Toomer’s Corner after that game.  Yikes.  Praying for safe travels for my parents and all the other fans going back home today!




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