Christmas Break is Over….


Sadly, Christmas break has ended.   Trey loves school but was funny Monday morning as we were getting up.  He said, “does school start back today?”  I told him it did and he pouted his little lip out and said, “but I’m not ready to go back.  I still want to have more fun with you.”  It was even more difficult to send him back after that but it seems like he’s enjoying being back.  He is really looking forward to his karate and cooking classes that start next week too.

After we got back from sweet home Alabama we had a few days to hang out together and relax.  Jeffrey didn’t have work on Friday so we took Trey sledding for the first time.  A lot of the snow had melted but there was still enough for sledding.  He was a little anxious at first and made me go down with him to start.  He was in love after that!  Trey thought it was hilarious when Jeffrey and I tried it…..and almost plowed down some poor kid.  It sounds like we are about to get A LOT more snow so I see plently more sledding in our future.

Last night was Jeffrey’s company party and boy was it an experience!  He really does work with some awesome people and I really enjoyed getting to know some of their spouses.  We live close to a lady that he works with and they have a son a year older than Trey and they get along great.  So, we left Trey there and all headed out to the party.  Fun times!  Sorry, anytime I get out of the house at night it’s exciting.  Poor Jeffrey and I never, ever, ever go out!  But we had an amazing time, Trey had a blast, and the babysitter got paid a fortune….so pretty good night for all.  🙂

Before we get to sledding pictures, I just had to share this precious one of Trey and his gingerbread man….

Walking back up the hill was his least favorite part but that didn’t take the smile of his face.

Yeah……this was a sight to see.  Trey found it hilarious.

They’re so cute together.  Jeffrey was so excited to take Trey sledding!

Trey and his hat hair.  It looked pretty cute in person but unfortunately I fail at photography…


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