Christmas 2010!


Christmas was soooo amazing this year.  We got to go back to Alabama and stay for a while and spend time with so many loved ones.  I even got to meet two friends’ new little ones.  🙂  There’s so much to tell it’s hard to know where to start but hold onto your hats because I have a lot of pictures to share!  Christmas Eve was so special and Trey was so precious the whole day.  He woke up early and talked to Ace about how he was so excited about celebrating Christmas because is Jesus’ birthday.  Apparently he didn’t even mention Santa once but don’t you worry, there was plently of talk about him later.  We spent time with both Jeffrey and my families, had dinner with Ace, Coco, Meriel and the Grandparents and went to a Christmas Eve service at church.  It was so packed that Trey had to sit in Jeffrey’s lap.  I don’t think either one of them minded though.  Since Trey is reading so well now he was able to follow along in the hymnal and it was the greatest gift to hear him sing.  (I know I shouldn’t have but I was sitting across the aisle and just had a snap a picture with my phone)

Then we headed back to Ace and Coco’s to open some presents…..

Trey and Meriel were big fans of that part

I think he was pretty pleased with this!  R2-D2 is one of his favorites!

Jeffrey’s parents better known as Ace and Coco

Ace (the first) with Trey (the third)!  Lol.  I don’t think many people get it.

Doc and Cece on Christmas morning enjoying Trey opening his presents!

I just love the excited look on his face!  This was the only thing Jeffrey and I got him this year.  🙂

and here is Trey thanking Uncle Adam for…….

this awesome and humongous Tauntaun sleeping bag!  Between that, the robot, Legos,

action figures and ships he should be set on Star Wars stuff for a while!

Then we walked down to Ace and Coco’s (I love that they live 3 houses away!) for some breakfast and family time.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that we woke up to a white Christmas in Alabama!?!  I was only able to get a few pictures before….

we started having some attitude problems.  I think we let the little guy stay up a little too late on Christmas Eve. 😦

Finally we headed back down to my parents to help get ready for lunch with both of our families.  My side of the family was already planning to come over and when the snow threw a wrench in some other plans so Jeffrey’s parents and sister joined us for a little bit of a non-traditional yet wonderful Christmas meal.

The next day we drove over to Rome to celebrate the season with some more of Jeffrey’s family.  We got to see his Uncle Donny, Aunt Joy and their girls on our first stop.  Joy is an amazing cook and had so many different cookies and goodies to snack on.  She even sent me on my way with a little bag of goodies.  She also passed along the ornament Jeffrey’s parents gave to them when they told them they were going to have Jeffrey.  It’s such a neat ornament and will always have a special place on our tree.  Jeffrey got to see his old high school buddy who married his (Jeffrey’s) cousin Mary Elizabeth and we got to admire his other cousin Hannah’s engagement ring!

Then we moved over to Aunt Nancy’s and the Snow gang.  I haven’t seen them in so long and it was wonderful to spend time together and see how much Trey’s cousins had grown.  They were so funny and between their three little ones, Trey and Meriel it was a madhouse!  But at least a fun one.

So, that’s all for one post.  I’m sure I’ll follow up with pictures from the rest of the trip at some point!






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