We’ve been so busy the past few weeks. I try to post fairly often but things have been so crazy around our place I haven’t even thought about it. Trey’s “winter sing” was adorable. He sang a sweet song in Hebrew, a song about Kwanza and did Russian dance. It was pretty cute but I was a little frustrated that there was no Christmas song included. He enjoyed it and was so proud to have me there to see him perform.
Saturday was my birthday and I can easily say it was 98% better than last year’s! We were traveling but chose a later flight so we were able to sleep a little late, walk to Panera and grab some breakfast and stop by the bookstore before heading out. Doc and Cece picked us up from the airport and we met Ace, Coco and Meriel for my birthday dinner. We were exhausted by the time we made it back to my parents!
The past few days have been filled with family, friends and shopping. I just love this time of year and feel so blessed to be with our families for the holidays. I’ll share a few pics for now and be prepared for lots more to come after Christmas!

My birthday dinner with the family

Trey was so happy to see Cece!

Trey playing with Izzy, our favorite puppy ever.  🙂

Trey did so great on Saturday while we were traveling.  He is such a big boy!


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