it’s the most wonderful time….


The new place is decorated and Christmas music has been playing around here for weeks now.  Ahhh….it just makes me smile.  Yes I like my decorations, I believe I covered that a few posts back, because they just look pretty and it’s a nice changed of scenery from the rest of the year.  I also love them because they remind me of the true reason for Christmas.  Like the cross stitch my grandmother did for me that simply states “Jesus is the reason for the Season” and the numerous nativities that are scattered all over.  Trey even has a nativity in his room that he loves to play with and I’m more than happy to let him as we talk about the birth of Jesus.

Trey and I walked in from the park today and the lights were on on the Christmas tree and he said “Wow!  Our tree sure is beautiful!”  I then proceeded to turn some Christmas music on for the next few hours while we milled around the house and talked about what certain ornaments on the tree meant….like his silver baby rattle, a nativity ornament, more than one cross, a santa one or two and some of Jeffrey’s and mine from when were were little.  He prefers the ones he has made and the Star Wars ones at the moment though.  🙂

Another wonderful thing about Christmastime…  I love how close we are with our families and it means so much to me to be able to be with them….for them to be there.  I think I truly started appreciating family get togethers more when my dad got sick several years ago.  It’s a miracle that he is well and even here today and I know God is the one to thank for that.  That really gave me a different perspective on some things.  I am so blessed to have such amazing parents, grandparents, siblings, in-laws and all the family that comes with a marriage.  Christmas is sometimes the only time we get to see some of our extended family and we get to spend a lot of time with our close family as well…..and it just once again reminds me what an amazing God we have and how much he has blessed me with.

I’m one lucky gal.  Anywho, I’ll stop my sentimental ramblings now.  Just wanted to share a few thoughts and a picture of my sweet little boy admiring our tree.


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