Giving Thanks


We are loving where we living at the moment.  Great location, great schools…..just great.  The only thing that isn’t so great is being away from family and friends, especially around the holidays.  We had assumed that our Thanksgiving would be just the three of us this year until Jeffrey’s parents decided to make the loooong drive up.  I am so glad that they did!  It was yet another thing for me to be thankful for on Thanksgiving!  Ace, Coco and Meriel got here Monday night and stayed until Saturday morning and I wasn’t ready for them to leave.  We went back to Plimoth Plantation with them, met some of their old friends I’ve heard stories about for years and had a Thanksgiving day I will not soon forget.  We spent Thursday at Old Sturbridge Village which is a huge outdoor museum in the form of an 1830s New England Town.  There were homes, a church, store, bank, blacksmith, sawmill and so much more.  We got to see the blacksmith making things to use around the town, someone making milk pans and even attended an 1830’s church service.  The history geek in me loved it!  One of my favorite parts was riding in the stagecoach and walking into the rectory and smelling the amazing food that was being cooked in the kitchen.  We were sad the lady wouldn’t let us try some!   After we explored the village we made our way to the old hotel where we had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner.  We were so full by the time dessert came that we all got it to go because we couldn’t eat anymore!  It was so wonderful to get to spend so much time with family, have a traditional Thanksgiving meal and not have to cook a bit of it!  We had so much fun last week and I’m already trying to convince them to come back next year!  If we can just get my family up here too……

What an amazing week.  I am so blessed.  God is so good.

Oh, and we also made some time to watch the Iron Bowl. 🙂  Well, some of us anyway.

Trey at Plymouth Rock – how awesome is that?!

We made it to the Mayflower II on this trip and this was the only time we could get these

two still enough the whole day to take a picture together!

Trey was playing with a display that was at the Mayflower II

Jeffrey and his Mom at Old Sturbridge Village on Thanksgiving

Riding in a stagecoach around the village

You wold not believe how AMAZING this food smelled.  It was ridiculous!

Trey with Ace, Coco and Meriel – we miss them so much!

Trey and Meriel got to dip some candles and bring them home and I couldn’t leave out this picture of my sweet little family!




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