Padawan turned Jedi Master


The recreation department around here is amazing!  They offer all sorts of classes Jeffrey and I would have died to go to when we were Trey’s age.  There are Lego classes, Star Wars Lego classes, Jedi Training classes, puppet shows……you get the idea.  Anyway, as soon as I saw the Jedi Training class I knew I had to get Trey signed up ASAP.  If you know my little boy you also know how much he loves anything Star Wars.  We even changed his bedroom from cowboy to….you guessed it……Star Wars when we moved up North.  (Thank you Pottery Barn and Coco!)  I signed him up months ago and his excitement grew and grew.  Saturday was the day he had been waiting for and he absolutely loved it!  It was a drop-off thing so I didn’t get to see much other than when Jeffrey and I peeked in the window at the end but he came home talking non-stop with some adorable souvenirs and he went from Padawan (young Jedi-in-training) to Jedi Master.  I know it’s silly but I just had to share such a memorable day!

Here’s Trey with his certificate (complete with his Jedi name “Yert”), light saber and clone

that he made and named 10-3-4-2


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