Plimoth Plantation


Trey’s class went on a field trip yesterday to Plimoth Plantation and I was thrilled that I got to go along as a chaperone.  I guess it’s the history teacher part of me that was just amazed at the, well….history of the place.  We didn’t get to stay as long as I would have liked and I spent most of the time wrangling the 4 little boys in my group but we still had a great time and saw and learned so much.  We started off at the Wampanoag homesite where we talked to the Native American actors and saw how their homes.  We even got to see a man making a boat.  Here are some pics from that part….

Here he was grinding corn

Trey and his friend Daniel playing in a wetu (house)

Playing in a mishoon (boat)

This was where the man was making the boat by burning then scraping it out

After the Wampanoag homesite we moved on to the 1627 English village.  It was much bigger than I was expecting but so neat!  As soon as we walked in the gate the boys saw chickens and took off running.  Poor chickens….they got chased and had things thrown at them before I was able to catch up and explain why that wasn’t very nice.  Then other kids started doing it….I felt so bad for those poor things!  Trey’s favorite part was talking to the people he saw around the village (aside from chasing the chickens that is).

Climbing onto a bed in one of the one room homes in the English village

We found an oven right by the chicken coop

This nice man talked to Trey for a while about the house he was helping to build

After we left the plantation we drove a few miles to the bay where the Mayflower II is.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go on it but we did (for some crazy reason) choose to sit right by it for our picnic.  Never mind the forty degree weather and wind from the water…..but at least the teacher told us to bring lots of warm clothing so we were somewhat prepared.

All in all, it was a the most awesome field-trip ever.  How awesome is it that he is studying pilgrims and Native Americans and he gets to go where they lived!?  I feel so blessed that I have such a wonderful husband who works so hard and that I am able to stay at home and do things like this with our little guy.  Thank you My Love.  I love taking care you of two!


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