Getting in the Spirit….


for Thanksgiving of course!  It’s this time of year that I am usually pulling my Christmas decorations from the attic and getting ready for the holiday season.  I’m not sure what it is this year, maybe that we don’t have an attic for once, but I’m not quite to the point of decorating for Christmas yet.  I’m also struggling with the desire to put them out (because it’s so fun!) and still trying to let Trey know what Christmas is really about.  He’ll tell you Christmas is about Jesus’ birthday and then turn around and say “I want that…..and that….” like just about any other kid.  You can say it isn’t about trees and presents and lights but actions can speak louder than words sometimes, especially to kids.  Don’t get me wrong…..I plan on decorating and have no problem with it, it’s just one of those things I’ve been contemplating lately.  Also, it might have to do with the fact the Jeffrey’s parents are coming next week for Thanksgiving and I’m so excited about that I can’t even think about Christmas until after next week!

I have been a busy little bee lately.  I’ve completed a ton of cross stitch projects that I plan on finishing into pillows or ornaments when my sewing machine gets here next week.  I found a cute little freebie “Bok Bok” turkey design from Plum Street Samplers.  Trey wanted me to make it for his room so I stitched it up and made a pillow to hang from his door knob.  I did the best I could without a sewing machine and I’m sure I’ll have to go back later and sew it, but he wanted it for Thanksgiving and who am I to deny my sweet little boy that.

I know it’s a little lumpy and could look better….but I tried, right?

Trey helped me pick out the fabric for the back.

I also wanted a fall wreath to hang but couldn’t seem to find one that I like so when I ran across some yarn wreaths I decided to make my own.  Now, I know the colors are a little blah but it was my first try and I was actually pretty proud of how the whole thing turned out.  I’m working on a new one but it’s not quite ready for it’s blog debut.

Here’s a close-up of my first try at the flowers.

And just for added measure, since I know most of you don’t come here to see my attempts at craftiness….a picture of my little guy.  🙂

Now it’s off to the gym for me and then Trey’s teacher conference this afternoon.  Hope all goes well!


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