It’s Getting Cold…..


I’m sad to say, it’s gone from cool to cold up here in beautiful Boston.  I can’t imagine what I’ll think when it actually starts snowing….yikes!  In the mean time I am still appreciating my wonderful Uggs and collection of scarfs.  I did pull my ear muffs out today too.  After I took Trey to school this morning it took a good hour for my ears to stop hurting. 😦  I have a feeling my Uggs will be replaced with snow boots before I’m ready!

Despite the above, things are going great.  Jeffrey still love his job but has been working some late nights recently.  Thankfully he works with some awesome people that make long days a little better.  Trey is doing great in school and still loves everything about it.  I love seeing him doing so much reading and educating me on a few things.  He’s on a planets and space kick lately.  I am of course loving loving what I do!  Who wouldn’t?

Though we miss our family and friends we talk quite often with them and are looking forward to some family time during the holidays.  It will be here before we know it!  I do have to take a second here to say congratulations to my big brother who just found out he got into law school!  I’m so proud of him and excited for what the future holds for him.  He’s just moved back to Alabama from Portland, Oregon so I am more than thrilled that we will get to see him at Christmas along with everyone else.  We’ve missed him!

Last night we decided to take a walk and went to Starbucks.  It helped warm us up for the walk back.  And while I’m rambling, I just have to say I had the most delicious cupcake ever Friday night.  Wow!  Some kind of apple strudel amazingness.  They even had some gluten free options so Jeffrey got one too.  I think he was pretty impressed as well.  The name of the place is a little crude, but entirely accurate….Kicka** Cupcakes.  🙂  Good stuff.

I love my boys!

Why are the pictures of Jeffrey and Trey always so cute…..and the ones with me in them not so much?  😦


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