Scary Skeleton….


Well, he wasn’t that scary.  Trey was a pretty adorable skeleton though.  Apparently his costume was authentic enough for a dog since he was almost attacked by one trying to get a bone from his costume.  Trey was not as amused as Jeffrey and I were but then I can see how a six year old would dislike a rather large dog lunging towards them.  We weren’t really sure what our plan was until Sunday afternoon.  A neighbor had mentioned Beals St. so we decided to head that way and boy was it awesome!  Trey has done some trick-or-treating in that past but nothing like this.  At one point when he was running between houses Trey let out the most precious giggle….you could tell it was pure glee.  We turned down the street and saw these beautiful, old houses with spider webs, pumpkins, tombstones and just about any other Halloween decoration you could imagine.  (One house even had a huge dry erase board that said “For Dads” and had updated football scores.)  People sat on their porches in costumes handing out candy to the constant stream of trick-or-treaters.  We went up one side and didn’t make it all the way down the other when Trey decided he had enough and it was time to find somewhere warm.  We opted for the fireplace at Panera while we enjoyed our hot soup and sandwiches before the trek back home.  Such a wonderful night for our little family.

Heading out to find some candy….don’t you just love all the leaves!

Trey and Jeffrey

So, I don’t have many halloween decorations (or many places to put them in our current place) but I love what I do have!  I’m not sure why but there is just something about them that makes me smile.  I’m so sad that I have to put them away now, especially since I don’t have anything for Thanksgiving.  The Christmas decorations will be coming out before too long though!  Goodbye ’till next year my little lovelies.  🙂

(A few things didn’t make it in the picture but you get the idea!)


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