Ahoy Matey!


Last weekend we were invited to the greatest birthday party ever….at least for a six year old.  Poor Jeffrey was working all weekend so we had to set sail without him (don’t worry, I took my Dramamine this time).  We drove to Plymouth, Ma and I was in awe……being a history major and all.  I wish he had more time to spend looking around.  We met up with the party and Trey got his pirate hat and his face painted.  After that he acted like a pirate all day, it was so funny.  None of the other kids got into it quite like he did but if you know my husband very well that’s not really a surprise.  Trey went around waving a sword and firing the water cannon yelling “ahoy matey” and “scurvy dog” and telling people to walk the plank.  He even volunteered to sacrifice himself as a trade for the treasure.  Thankfully we were able to keep Trey and get the treasure.  After that we pulled a lobster trap out of the bay and got to see and hold lobsters and spider crabs and even had a crab race.  Trey was more brave than me for sure and loved getting to throw his crab back into the ocean.  What an awesome birthday party!  Trey enjoyed every second of it but the only problem now is that he wants a party just like it!

Studying the treasure map

Fighting for the treasure

The winning spider crab!

My little pirate.  😉

Trey with Jeffrey’s co-worker and the birthday girl’s father.  This is the picture we sent to Jeffrey…


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