Visitors from the South: Part I


This past weekend was so much fun!  We had a four day weekend (or rather made one) and Jeffrey’s mom, dad and sister came up to visit.  We were so excited about their visit that we started a countdown calendar….now it starts all over again.  😦  It was so great to see all of them and just spend some time with family.  Friday morning we drove over to Marblehead and climbed out onto Castle Rock.  It was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen.  I’m not a very outdoorsy person but I could have stayed on that rock all day and been perfectly content.  Trey and Jeffrey love to climb rocks so of course they had a blast and we managed to get a few family pictures in.  They’re not perfect but we don’t get many pics of all of us together and certainly not with a background like this!  After our climbing adventures we went into the town of Marblehead and had lunch at this great little seafood restaurant right on the water.  I had my first lobster roll and boy was it yummy!

After lunch we drove over to Gloucester where we went on a whale watch.  It was awesome getting to see such a humongous creature up close like that.  Everyone except for me went out onto the deck.  I chose to stay inside where it was warmer and much more dry!  My favorite part was watching Trey and Jeffrey.  Trey loved it all….the boat, the whales, the water.  The first time he got splashed he thought it was hilarious and his face was priceless (unfortunately my camera wasn’t ready.)  Next time I will just have to remember that me+boat-dramamine=not a good idea!

Saturday was much more laid back.  An old high school friend of mine who is living up here for a while came over to see everyone and spent the day with us.  We took the T to Quincy Market to have lunch and do a little shopping.  Of course the grandparents had to spoil Trey rotten, I guess that’s what happens  when you go four months without seeing them!  They were generous enough to buy some clothes for Trey and then Trey and Meriel almost bought-out Build-A-Bear.  Afterwards we came back to our place to cook lasagna and watch some SEC football.  Not a bad few days at all…..


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