Apple Picking!


We now have more apples than I know what to do with…..if only I had some baking skills!  Yesterday one of Jeffrey’s middle school friends called and invited us to go apple picking with him and some friends.  I had been told it was something we needed to try so we decided to go.  Trey loved riding on Jeffrey’s shoulders and plucking some apples off the trees and laughing at Jeffrey as he climbed up to reach some good ones.  After a while Trey got a little tired, so the two of us went on a hayride while the others finished fillings their bags.

Afterwards, we walked to the farmstore and had the best apple cider I’ve ever had in my life while we stood in an endless line for doughnuts.  At least they were yummy ones….and once Trey heard the word “doughnut” it pretty much sealed our fate.  🙂

Trey and Jeffrey looking for some apples to take home

This is his new picture smile….it drives me crazy!  (and his crooked haircut)


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