1st Grade!


I cannot believe our sweet little boys has started first grade…..and is loving it!  He was so excited but looked a little unsure at first when he sat down with no one around but then his new friend from next door came in and he was just fine.  He says his favorite part of the day is recess and really enjoyed music class today.  Gym was a favorite too and painting was on his list as well.  We just got him signed up for an enrichment class after school which he cannot wait for, it’s called Lego Mania.  Go figure!  It’s so good to see him making new friends and excited about school.

I, on the other hand, had the hardest time leaving him there and the highlight of my day is going to pick him up!  He is at an amazing school and I know he is in great hands, but I have issues letting go I guess.  It means he really is growing up and won’t be little forever….awww.  That’s why I am so thankful for the super long summer break we’ve had and how much quality time Trey and I got to spend together.

That precious child never ceases to amaze me.  He makes me laugh, impresses me with how smart he is and sometimes frustrates the heck out of me, but every day I look at him and thank God for such an incredible gift.  So while I am missing him each day I am also reminded of what a blessing he truly is.

Heading out on the first day.  He was really excited to use his new Darth Vader lunch box and R2-D2 backpack!

Getting all settled in…this was when I started thinking I might just have to stay all day!

The night before school started we took Trey out for a special treat at Friendly’s


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