Science Fun


We made our first trip to the Boston Science Museum the other night and had so much fun they had to run us out!  Not really, but we were there until closing….and maybe a little later.  That place is HUGE and there is so much to do.  Trey was adorable running around from one thing to the next and Jeffrey was sweet playing with him and explaining things.  There was so much we didn’t get to see and Trey was so sad we had to leave I promised we would go again next week before he starts school.  (I can’t get started now on the fact my child will be starting first grade soon….sniff, sniff.)  I was able to snap a few pictures but it was difficult at the speed he was moving in that place!

Space Shuttle

Playing with tornados…fun stuff

Jeffrey and Trey playing with electricity.  Sadly we missed the lightning show

this time but we’ll catch it next week!

Too busy to take a picture with me. 😦


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