The Ones I Left Out


Since getting my new iPhone (which is awesome by the way) I have been using it to snap quick pics and email them to Jeffrey so he can see what we have been up to during the day.  While I love my Canon Eos, the size is inconvenient when it comes to city life and my phone is ALWAYS with me.  But don’t you worry, we’re heading to the Boston Science Museum tonight and the fancy camera is coming along.  🙂

These phone pictures get emailed to loved ones or posted to Facebook but have yet to make it to the blog.  They are not the best, but this is my version of scrapbooking so I wanted to make sure they made it here.

Trey loved the moving walkways at the airport ~~ Family time at San Juan Soda Co.

Bingo night in Lake City (Trey was SO excited!) ~~ Rubber Ducky Race

Playground and Mini Golf

Spending the afternoon in Telluride ~~ yummy Italian food, gondola rides, and a trampoline

The ice cream truck comes by the water parks a lot…

And in doing this post, I realized I should have made my Colorado posts much longer!


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