Sand Art and Seafood


Last weekend there was a sand sculpting festival at one of the beaches nearby.  We thought it would be fun the check out the sculptures and see what all was going on.  The sculptures were amazing!  I can’t even build a tiny castle for Trey that won’t fall over.  😦  We took Trey down to the water and let him play for a few minutes but unfortunately, I did not prepare very well for that.

After playing a bit we walked down the shore to a seafood restaurant we heard was the best around.  It was the first seafood we’ve had since moving to Boston and it was even better sitting outside by the ocean.


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  1. Thanks a lots for keeping us up to date,you’re having such a good time we might just come to live with you. These are a highlight of our week and Trey always seems so happy and having a good time. Keep it up and enjoy. Hugs and kisses and a really BIG hug for Trey.
    Nanny & Grandaddy

    • I’m glad you guys enjoy it. Trey likes that all of you can see it when I put new pictures up. We love and miss you guys too!

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